Hair Fall (Baldness)

Introduction: Sometimes, an organ of the body is not able to nourish well due to the lack of hormones, so it is necessary to take medicine for producing that hormones in the body. For example- a person starts suffering from grey hair, hair fall and baldness due to lack of hormone of the thyroid glands. For recovering such hormones, the patient should take Thyroidinum 30 or 200. Its one dose in a week fulfils the requirement of hormones in the body and the patient does not suffer again from grey hair and baldness.    Causes: The main causes of hair falling in younger age are- chronic diseases, improper way of having diet, excessive burden on the mind, sever fever, hormones’ disorders or hereditary hair fall. Impact of tuberculosis on the hairs: The patient of tuberculosis suffers from ringworms in his head or any other portion of the body. It is said about ringworms that it develops because of a worm. The reason of ringworms is worm, but the disease is already exists in the body. And the germs of this disease grow by taking food from this disease. If the patient suffers from ringworms, Bacillinum should be given. The patient suffers from hairs fall and dandruff because of ringworms in the head. All hair problems with ringworms end by giving higher potency of Bacillinum to the patient. Use of different medicines in hair problems:- 1. Selenium:- If the cold natured patient suffers from hair fall of eyebrows, moustache and genitals, giving Selenium 30 or 200 is beneficial. 2. Fluoric acid:- The hot natured patient should take Fluoric acid 6 or 30 if he suffers from hairs fall. Hairs fall stops soon by using this medicine. 3. Acid phos:- Acid phos 30 provides relief if the patient suffers from grey hair in early age or hair fall due to worry. 4. Mezereum:- If symptoms like- dandruff in the head, hair dryness, layers on the skull like chalk, constant itching in the head, etc. are found in the patient, Mezereum 6 or 30 is very beneficial. 5. Nitric acid:- The patient suffers from purulent pimples in the head with hairs fall due to which, he is not able to touch his head by his hands; use of Nitric acid 6 proves very beneficial in these conditions. 6. Kali-carb:- In the conditions of hair fall with dryness in the head, the patient should take Kali-carb 30 or 300. All hair problems end by taking this medicine. 7. Syphilinum:- Hairs fall stops within few days if the patient takes Syphilinum 200 to 1000. 8. Antherum:- If the patient suffers from hairs falling of beard, he should take Antherum 3 for getting relief. 9. Lycopodium:- Lycopodium is considered as very effective medicine if any one suffers from hairs fall. 10. Thuja:- If the patient suffers from hair fall due to dryness in the head and scabby dandruff, using the mother tincture of Thuja or its 30 potency is very beneficial. 11. Ostilego:- If the patient suffers from following symptoms like- hairs falling in early age and stop growing of hairs again after falling once, etc., using the juice of Ostilego or its 3 or 30 potency is very beneficial. 12. Phosphorus and calcarea phos:- In symptoms like- hairs falling in bunches as one bunch of hair falls from one portion of the head and after that another bunch of hair falls again, etc., first of all the patient should take Phosphorus-30 for few days and then giving Calcarea phos 3x is beneficial. 13. Natrum muriaticum:- If a woman suffers from hairs falling during her pregnancy, she should take Natrum muriaticum 30 or Sepia 200. The patient gets relief by taking these medicines. 14. Arsenic:- If the patient’s hair falls due to weak hair root and he suffers from head dryness, skin dryness, etc., the use of Arsenic proves very beneficial.


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