headache, running nose, heaviness head, vertigo 30 yrs f since 2 months DX and Rx plz

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As per the radiograph , there is no significant maxillary disease process . Evaluate the patient for: 1. Sinus tenderness 2. Allergic symptoms Also 1. Ear examination to rule out otogenic causes of vertigo 2. Rule out cervicogenic cause of vertigo and headache. 3. Any history of trauma After exclusion treat as acute rhinitis with antibiotics , antihistamines, vapocap inhalation and analgesics. If it does not improve, go for a CT scan and look for causes of primary headache.

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Going by complaints simple case of chr rhinitis so far headache is concerned that is too in young women well it may be a symptom of common cold or chr sinositis since x-ray posted by you has clear sinuses so if not relived other causes shoud be look for. 1 she has h/o vertigo as well so cause in ears must be examined middle ear infection 2 vestibulitis 3 otitisexterna and accordingly to be treated 4 it can be migraine associated with giddiness here i will suggest tab grenil 1x3times+tab verbet16mgor vertin 16mg 1x3times till giddiness is controlled there after reduce it to 1 at bedtime for one month +add tab sibelium 10mg one at bedtime for onemonth and other causes should also be kept in mind like ReBe /cervical myelgia/anxiety/dep/stress etc etc

Thank u sir

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Detail history for nature and time, recurrence of its nature. Big list for vertigo etiology It can be allergic rhinitis.Let it be clear than one should think for treatment.

Headache, discharge,giddiness are quite common in Allergic Rhinitis.Sneezing and Block also present ?CT scan helpful.General check up by Internal Medicine MD.

Nasal septum central. Hypertrophied inferior turbinates both sides.. PNAS are clear..


CT is the modality of choice for assessment of the facial skeleton

Any H/0 trauma?? @Dr. Satish Kumar


Chronic synositis. Aconite will be helpful.

Tear drop sign

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