#Health #and #Nutrition #Tip 32 #Eat #Real #Food

Friends on the demand of fans of the page I am telling Health & Nutrition tips. All tips are very easy to follow . # #Health #and #Nutrition #Tip 32 #Eat #Real #Food Aim to eat real food that’s made of whole food ingredients you would have in your own kitchen pantry, or that your grandmother would recognize. (Yup, this rules out most packaged food, sorry!) This is a little different than suggesting you eat only “health foods” (many of which are increasingly processed!). “Real food” includes unprocessed foods like an apple, a cucumber, soybeans or a steak, as well as foods loosely processed from one (or few) real-food ingredients, like butter, olive oil, yogurt, tofu, etc. In other words, aim for foods that could be reasonably made in your own kitchen and avoid foods that can only be made in a lab.

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