Hello friends, Case to discuss 28yrs female, gingival enlargement since last 15 days. H/o same gingival enlargement 2 yrs back, did surgical removal but relapsed again. No medical history recorded. Diagnosis n treatment plan??



case of pyogenic granuloma, recurrence can be seen if remnants persist..complete curretage of the spot including periodontal treatment of the attached gingiva, I mean root planing n extensive curretage.. histopathology is must for such leaion

Probably a recurring pyogenic granuloma/peripheral ossifying fibroma.. Histopathology needed for confirmation.. Incomplete excision may have paved the way for this... Complete excision to its depth followed by curettage of adjacent areas are suggested..

Pyogenic granuloma.... Get n iopa done to check bone loss... N excise it

Pyogenic granuloma . incomplete excision as has led to recurrence. Excision with thorough curettage is must.

Seems like pyogenic granuloma..advised complete excision of lesion and biopsy.

Either it was not exised totally then or infection not treated with proper specific antibiotics. Any Hormonal treatment going on or any kind of pills or other personl info. Any other areas involved....like Sclera, pupil, GI etc... Suspecting plasminogen deficiency (hypoplasminogenemia) a recognized and rare condition...although,....but here in gums, development of the growths are usually triggered by infections or injury. Pls take biopsy to rule out certain other complications.

Thank u sir Sir, what could be the relation of plasminogen deficiency with gingival enlargement?

Seems to be the case of pyogenic granuloma..Excise and do proper scaling and root planning to reduce the chances of reoccurrence

True it's Pyogenic granuloma improperly haandled...& reccuring

DDS. May include pyogenic granuloma, peripheral ossifying fibroma

Pyogenic granuloma...

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