Hello. .I m dr.bharat prajapati here. .I had sudden severe shooting right chest pain 3 days ago. ..I was detected to hving primary spontaneous pneumothorax. .on hrct thorax lung was collapsed emergency icd inset ion done by ct surgeon. .I m hving intermittent air leak now on 4th day...2nd post op day hrct showed 10 15% pneumo was there. ..no reason was found as etiology. .whts further management u suggest...



dear sir, find out the underlying cause of pneumothorax. what is the cause of pneumothorax in ct. wat is the report

I don't know if you have any preexisting copd or if you smoke. What is your age? Commonest cause for this kind of spontaneous pneumothorax is rupture of an emphysematous bulla. Wait patiently for air leak to stop when injury to your lung heal. Takes time. You should be fine.

M going for X ray tomorrow ap nd lateral. ..If it ll show complt resolution. .icd ll b removed. .If it is doubt full ll go for ct. .as ds is primary idiopathic. .pleurodesis is not required now

M 28..no history of smoking. ..no cold no trauma. ..J's in positive history. .I was in leh ladakh at 18000 ft..High altitude nd low atmospheric presuure

No sign symptoms of suggestive of kochs. .esr normal. .ct didn't show any fibrotic lesion or lymph node

It was huge pneumothorax. .icd in situ. .whts further management to rule out cause

report is normal except pneumothorax. ..nothing found on hrct

After the air movement stopped in icd tube one can removed the icd tube that is old and gold dictum.Get well soon sir.

hmm..3 cm column movement is dhr still. .BT today's X ray showd complt expansion of lung. .so ll kp it for more 2 days nd ll remove. .tx sir

May b some small pleural bleb was dhr nd air trapping occurred at leh ladakh. .

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