Hemifacial Spasm.

Hemifacial Spasm


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hemifacial spasm is due to 7the nerve root entry zone irritating by a blood vessel.. treatment is microvascular decompression by expert neurosurgery...i have done many such cases...result is excellent.. botox injection is a temporary non curative treatment used highly as commercial tool without proper explanation to the patient that it can't cure nor it is long lasting relief

Sir ,Her MRI report has arrived showing multiple infarct with a vascular loop seen in both internal auditory canal adjacent to 7th and 8th NV complex.Now what can I advice apart from Medications.ur opinion sir?

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Most likely cause is nerv compression by aberrant artery Or tumor Adv ct brain to rull out cause

May be due to Hyperexcitability of Peripheral Nerve motor axons?

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