Here is first update of previous case of Tinea Corporis Tinea incognito..about 25% relief... I think I should increase the potency and repetition on be half of slow progress..what do you say?



Good result @Dr. Akshay Ingole At first wait If case not recover then give single dose of your selected next potency And please disclose yoyr good remedy ..

Patient is improving. So, ideally, you should wait and let the similimium complete his action. Other wise, if your patient is in hurry, you repeat the same potency.

Wait a week more then increase potency or Lm

K sir thanks...

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Add iso 20 od for a month

Contents plz

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Retake case n rule out maintaining cause if any.. then decide dr..

inj medoral 2ML Vail pungiheal 200mg capsule zyxal tab terbinaforce m cream Epiderm cream ketosol soap kenacort 4mg tab

Increase potency will get good & fast result

When the patient is improving then continue the same treatment, along with changing her life style. ie. To tie her saree and it's knot loose,avoid keeping waist part wet,so that her skin may breath fresh air & last but not the least sprinkle little antifungal dusting powder. Hence she will be alright


Inj Medoral 8m.g tyza tab zyxal tab ketosol soap

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