Herpetic Neuralgia



Post herpetic neuropathy is difficult to response at early stage it takes 3to6months for regeneration Continue gabapentin 300mg+nortryptiline 10mg 1od Cap indomethacin 25mg 1tds or etodac sustained release 600mg 1od Also get viral load done if it is on higher side or low CD count add antivirals

Thanx dr Ashfaque Alam Alam

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All of you know about drugs use in PHN. So I will not repeat. Let us explore Exercise and Physical Therapy for Postherpetic Neuralgia along with drugs. Exercise and physical therapy are an important part of  PHN treatment plan because they can help to manage PHN symptoms. Simple measures to help difficult cases of PHN: 1. Applying cold packs to the painful area 2. Simple, gentle exercises Exercise offers a host of benefits: Besides giving  more energy and strengthening muscles, it can reduce pain, making day-to-day activities easier to do. Another added exercise bonus is that it can send stress levels plummeting, which can make pain more manageable, too. REF: Exercise and Physical Therapy for Postherpetic Neuralgia www.practicalpainmanagement.com › conditions › exer... Thanks for reading above thoughts.

Dolonex DT 1bd can be given with Neurobion. Good results seen

Thanks Dr. Ajeet Pal Singh, Dr. Pushker Bhomia

Tab Mezatol 200 mg bd along with Gabapentine 300 mg bd for a week

Symptomatic with b complex

Both are equally effective

Also add tb carbamezepine

Start amytryn 25 hs to 75 hs Mazetol200 tds to 300 tds

Mazetol along with gabapentin Add sertaline too

Homeopathic management Generalities; pain; neuralgic; herpes zoster; after: ARS(3) CAUST(3) cimic(2) DOL(4) hep KALI-CHL(3) KALM(3) mag-p MEZ(4) morph PETR(3) PLAN(3) PRUN(4) RAN-B(3) rhus-t sphing still sul-ac thal VARIO(3) vesp ZINC(3) Arnica 30 BD Ran b 30 BD Mezerium 30 BD

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