Hi dear doctors, To my knowledge, I Think, u all wud hav heard about d live fish treatment for asthma in hyderabad,conducting a camp n administering live sardines fish with a yellow herb inside patients mouth n dey get cured... What s ur opinion about tat??



4 /5 days back one person from my town visited that place. lot of people gathered there for treatment almost 5 lacs with 50000 police force for control.fisheries department is supplied the fish .it is amazing .practicing fellow says his ancestors' were practicing the same since 18th century. I don't know what medicine he uses but gives advice about diet ie what to eat and what not. I think he is quack . not justified at all but everything is questionable. as it is in Andhra pradesh Mohan Sir can tell about real facts and will advice us regarding this thanks and regards

I am ayurvedic graduate and practicing for last 16 years but never read or heard or studied about this in ayurveda

l have also heard of this. how it works god knows

Sir, means many patients r asking about dis... My question s, if d Sardines fish s d mainstay of treatment, den How cum vegetarians ll get tat treatment. But for vegetarians, dey r saying tat d yellow herb s soaked in jaggery n given, but tat Takes much time for curing Asthma wen compared wid Yellow herb sent via sardines fish For non-vegetarians Wat s dis sir???? Actually tat yellow herb s d medicine means by either way it has to help equally na,, Y for non-vegetarians soon than vegetarians??? And wat s tat yellow herb???????

Few of my patients also visited the place.. Few of them had relief lasting for few days to weeks . We all know that Asthma is a disease which has no cure.. This type of treatment with mass belief and huge gathering can have good amount of placebo effects. We also scientifically compare every treatment with a placebo arm.. And placebo also provide some degree of relief.. If herb cause a cure of Asthma then why to give it with a fish?.. It needs good scientific study to assess the medicinal effects or a placebo effects

it is utter Nuissance

I personally visited to this camp in Hyderabad in2008 year.that time my maternal cousin was suffering from asthma.so he used to take that live fish for consecutive three years but fortunately he got relief.what is the mechanism behind this almighty knows.

Tats wat asking sir.. Reason behind d relief s a big????????

its a magical placebo effect nothing else

one of my pt visited last year.bt yet not cured.

Dear Dr Mage sir Science is science and faith is faith. This fish medicine is being employed in Hyderabad for the past serval years. Year by year number of patients is increasing. Government is arranging all required things, fish etc. I am a post graduate teacher for the past 25 years. No where in Ayurveda I have come across such fish medicine on ASTHMA. Nevertheless there are stake holders who are happy with the treatment. AYUSH should conduct scientific research on this issue. So that all the questions are answered.

The person who prepares this medicine is not qualified in Ayurveda. He may be a quack.

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