hi everyone, today I face a case in my clinic,wd complain if pain and burning sensation at the left dorsam region of the tongue.



Agree with Dr. Modi and Dr.Parkar. The cause may be carious or sharp 36 that caused traumatic ulcer but the size and duration of this lesion will decide further t/t plans. As for now, Remove sharp edge/tooth if any, prescribe multivitamins and locally applied gels. If it doesn't subside, plan biopsy to rule out malignancy.

thanks ma'am. duration will not only help in Rx but also help in diagnosis too

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it may be due to traumatic bite ...go for coronoplasty....if the cause is not traumatic then proper medical history....Rx manage it with topical application of dentogel, when pain occurs, and burning sensation can be managed by Swiss n swallow of banadryl dry cough prior to eating...this will make patient comfortable...and rule out any allergic history also

I go with my Dentistry friends

It is traumatic ulcer of the tongue due to sharpened edges of the teeth.First remove or grinding o the teeth to reduce the sharpness.Then start applying Quadragel ointment locally and short course of antibiotic like cefixime+ofloxacin for 5 days.

frnd, Its Apthous major ulcer with sec infection or Traumatic due to 35 or 36 with sec healing in progress

Get a history of constipation, veg or non vegetarian, lady than irregular menstrual cycle, Ix s.b12 after that decide Rx plan accordingly to it

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Tromatic ulcer Remove cause 36 has sharpe age carious

duration? whether there is increase or decrease in size

Trumatic ulcer

traumatic ulcer..... remove etiology.... wait for 14 days ......if lesion doesn't regress go 4 biopsy....also rule out h/o tuberculosis

dd : non healing ulcer, malignant ulcer check for indurated borders round off the sharp tooth edges, toluidine blue staining biopsy mandatory in this case

Long standing traumatic ulcer. Extract tooth or remove the sharp edges. Wait for a week , if no change then biopsy . Prescribe metrogyl dg gel 4-5 times daily after food & warm saline mouth rinse before each application

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