Homeopathy Expert Case: A Clinical case of Rheumatic Fever

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A Clinical Case of Rheumatic Fever managed by Homoeopathic Medicine. With Follow up...

Thank you@ Dr. Surbhi Saxena.

Beautifully narrated

Informarive post

Good job Doctor keep it up

Congratulations doctor for your nice selection of medicine.

@Rheumatic fever Caused byRheumatism Ihave seen so many cases after some years involvs into the heart ndthis fenomena is complicated However treatment is given successfully forlong term with Homeoe medicines such as Rhustox Ledum Bry Urticaurens Colchicum etc

Very nice detailed information about Rhem.Fever. Very useful information for Homoeopathic physicians!@Tapas Mukherjee !

Nicely managed case & treated by THUJA 1M DOSE,,, WELL DONE,, CONGRATULATIONS


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