Horizontally impacted third molar

23/M,Horizontal right lower third molar impaction (48),there is no pain after antibiotic and pain management,is it ok to leave it? And what complications expected? Follow up?




@Dr. Muthu Azhagan Doc No doubt pt. Is not having pain right now as Medicines are just for your temporary reliefs....but for permanent solution always tt is required... As per Radiographic diagnosis : I can appreciate Radiolucency approaching pulp diatally....definitely pt may again c/o of pain in near future... Tt plan: Extraction of horizontally impacted irt 48 along wd Antibiotic coverage along with painkillers....followed by RCT and prsothesis irt 47..... Plus Eventhough, opg on left side is nt clear but still I wud suggest to take iopar irt37 cud appreciate Radiolucency mesially as well....

My experience says RCT of 47 is must and will definitely cure the problem but Surgical Removal of impacted 48 is not indicated as of now as its absolutely fine with no indication of pathology , but if clinically there is a Gap between 47 and 48 with food lodgement than this gap must be filled to prevent 48 from being carious , one of my patient has same case , i done rct of 47 and filling the gap between 47 and 48 with GIC and its been 10 years now and he is fine and no need to operate his teeth

I think its necessary to remove the impacted tooth. Although pain has subsided right now because of the antibiotics and analgesics, it is only temporary. I do see a distal decay on the lower right second molar tooth (47) which looks a bit deep; pain was probably because of that tooth itself. So IMHO, treatment plan should be to remove the impacted tooth (48), and do RCT and crown for the second molar (47).

Just check clinically whether there is any pocket on probing in distal aspect of second molar then third molar disimpaction must be done otherwise you can leave as it is And since there is complete root formation is also there of third molar there are rare chances of molar movement and further less chance of distal tilting of second molar

What about root resorption of 2nd molar in future sir?

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Pain may due to 47. Looking carieous.and pa involvement

Removal of 3rd molar, after extraction distal portion of 2nd molar shuld be checked. If caries approaching to pulp then RCT is advised otherwise restoration only. No complication in this case if proper planning of horizontal extraction is performed.

I think third molar ei (48 ) should extract because 3rd molar is pushing to 2nd molar

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