How safe is Heparin/Enoxaparin therapy in COVID 19?

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Systemic anticoagulation with subcutaneous enoxaparin provides an effective and safe renal replacement procedure in critically ill patients with coronavirus disease 2019 and hypercoagulability. The protocol reduces the risk of filter clotting, blood loss, and poor dialysis quality and may also prevent systemic thromboembolism.

Enoxaparin bd very useful in pneumonitis cause was describe as thrombosis so as antithrombotic but for longer period ddimer is marker for use Yesterday was listening even in non covid use of enoxaparin & ddimer by cardiologist

COViD 19 is prothombotic condition Low molecular weight heparin is needed to prevent Thrombosis It is advised as treatment in severe COVID 19

It is a part of treatment in elevated IL-6 Feritin .

It's useful twice a day

No doubt in safety of heparin or enoxaprin in covid 19


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