How to manage portal cavernoma?

65 yr old female patient, with h/o Vague pain abdomen, umbilical region since 2 weeks..not associated with fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, dysuria or constipation. CBC Normal, non diabetic,non hypertensive. Usg S/o Degenerative uterine fibroid Portal Cavernoma. Kindly suggest management.



Portal cavernoma is caused by portal vein thrombosis Cause of portal vein thrombosis need to be found out Look for cirrhosis of liver - do fibroscan Look for prothombotic disorders such as Protein C, Protein S deficiency, antithrombin 3 deficiency, factor V Leiden, hyperhomocysteinemia. To do thrombophilia profile to find prothombotic state

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Hysterectomy anti coagulants

Adv CBC,Thrombophilia profile,LFT,HbSAg CT Abdomen

Hysterectomy is adviced

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Do LFT and repeat USG. And profile thrombophilia , HbsAg

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