How to manage post covid syndrome? Plz guide . Thanks and regards


Low dose Glargine insulin for nondiabetic patient and control of blood sugar with Glargine insulin in those having diabetes, I have found to be very helpful in treatment of post Covid syndrome Please read role of insulin in treatment of Covid 19

Thank you doctor

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Post covid syndrome is general term hence every case to be seen in individually to consider the line of treatment

Thanx dr Vikas Jangra

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FIRST UPON should schedule of 24 hours , EVERY morning he doing Exercises like ( vajrashan , प्राणायाम ) these Meditation is good for Post Covid patient. MULTIVITAMIN fruits like ( banana, apple , grapes, syzygium cumini ) rich in MultiVitamins and MULTIMINERALS . Eats Vegetables schedulely , Fresh meal .

Thank you doctor

Good diet. Breathing e wrcise. Gradually increase the physical activity. And maintain social dist. Mask and frequent clealing

Monitoring of sugar BP HR spo2 CRP D dimer if raised. CXR. Life style modification Breathing exercise Regular medicine Diet as guided.

Post covid syndrome 3 week after covid As per icmr Check rt pcr Hrct Ddimer il6 Spo2 If positive admit

Good diet Hydrate properly Excersise Monitor suger level, CRP, Didimer Breathing exersise Pulse and o2 saturation

Every symptom has to treat individualy inspite of treatment according to ICMR protocol

Rasayana sewana and agni vardhan

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