How to regulate menstrual cycle in a young pcos pt ( 40-45 days cycle ) . No response with ocps


Put her on krimson 35 for 6_7 cycles. Metformin 500 mg bd if obese Daily exercise s & yoga Assurance Inositol can be added once she wants conceive

to conceive

Clomiphene citrate 50mg daily for 5days is recommended for women with PCOS who trying to get pregnant. Clomiphene encourages the monthly release of eggs from ovaries. If clomiphene is unsuccessful in encouraging ovulation Metformin is given

Get her investigated for hormonal analysis If overweight ask for diet control and exercise to reduce weight Metformin M2Tone and Diane 35 may help

She is married 25 yrs has normal weight Hormonal profile normal except hyperprolactenemia which has been treated now USG shows pcos repeatedly Should I go for follicular monitoring to look for ovulation

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Habbe mudire haiz two tab two times a day Syp niswani 10 ml twice a day Regular exercises Avoid spicy foods, take green vegitables

- Try tab. Dronis 30 - Start tab. Metformin 500 bd

Thank you sir.

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