How to tackle a case who presents with trembling body, not talking, a case of panic attack I mean?


In case panic attack , patient usually presented with acute onset history, Palpitation and feeling of impending doom and fear of further attack. Definitely any cardio- Respiratory cause should be excluded.

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That is a grief reaction due to emotions trouble under toughest time. Which can't resolve immediately under conditions due to uncontrollable anxious subconscious mind going racing thought So to give advice deep breath , relaxation , exposure therapy, And stat benzodiazepines to give them by IV / orally under rule out organic cause. To Shift counselling therapy with mental support, Total assessment of mental test and rule out cause.

??neurological status??reflexes ??ecg ??serum electrolytes??rbs ??NCCT brain Treatment is symptomatic only till diagnosis

I agree with Dr. Bairwa. Some systemic illnesses have a significant overlap of symptoms with panic attacks / severe anxiety. Even though it might seem unnecessary at the time, a detailed evaluation should definitely be done - its better to err on the side of caution.

Trembling body D/d Parkinson's Anxiety Neurosis Phobia Needs detail work out

Thanx dr pushkar ji Bhomia

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Anxiolytics + Betacap TR 40 mg bd

Unless its a known case or diagnosis is certain: History regarding past attacks, recent events that might have lead to the attack. H/o Known cardio-respiratory illnesses. CVS, respiratory and neurological exam Evaluation of vitals, electrolytes, sugar, xray, ecg Reassurance, counselling & anxiolytics Reference to psychiatry if it is a recurrent phenomena

Give both beta blocker and clonazepam.

Start with counselling give anxiolytics

Thanks Dr.Dinesh Gupta, Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh

Consider anxiolytics with betablokers. Counselling may be helpful

Proper history Dd Examination of neurological Delirium tremens Or drug addict

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