human bite injury to tip of nose what are the solutions



MLC as per IPC Refer to a plastic surgery if Pt wants & other wise Inj Tetvac Dressing & Bandage Amoxy clav BD Aceclofenac Paracetamol saeropeptidase BD B complex Z OD. Pantaprazole OD. for 10 days with alternant day Dressing

best is plastic surgery

This wound requires immediate surgery. The wound should be washed with Copious amount of saline and triple antibiotic solution. Very selective debridment under loupe magnification. Following which the wound should be skin grafted. In second stage, anytime after 3 Weeks, if no infection occurs, the skin graft is excised And the defect is reconstructed with median forehead flap. In this stage the forehead flap is divided to leave Only the exact amount of tissue to give the top of the nose a normal appearance and tasty of the flap is then returned to the forehead. This is a standard technique followed world over.

sir what is the triple antibiotic solution yo advocate sir?

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First of all the management. The wound should be washed with saline and Betadine and bandaged with sofradex applied on sterile surgipad(Johnson and Johnson ).Antibiotic with anti inflammatory medication will heal fast bcz of the vascularity of the area. MLC or NO MLC will depend upon the desire of the patient bcz most of the times such fights take place among close relatives and are settled by the elders of their community. Sometimes healing by first intention does not require any further management. .If disfigurement is noticeable then plastic surgery will have a role to play

there will be a very distinctive and disfiguring defect if not repaired by facial plastic surgery sir

Inj TT 0.5 ml I'm stat Inj antibiotics I'm Inj diclo 1amp I'm Inj cromostat 1amp iv if Bleeding is more Wash the wound throughly with sterile water diluted betadine lotion apply pressure to achieve complete hemostasis. Preserve if any part is present of hanging. Prepare MLC and inform police with a copy of MLC. PROGNOSIS EXPLAINED. Suture the part or send the patient to surgeon or plastic surgeon for opinion and management after getting x Ray done. Clavam CL 625mg bd Chymoral forte TDS Diclo PCM TDS Multivitamin and antioxidant orally.or Medicine prescribed by surgeon.

can someone tell me which infection from which organism can occur after human bites? this was a frequqnet question asked in the viva.


MLC should be done in view of human bite injury,clean and irrigate wound well. inj TT,Hepatitis B vaccine if not received,tab augmenting 625 my BD ,tab pan 40mg od, Tab Emanzen tds for 7days. plastic surgeon reference. Human bites carry infection rate of 15%which is greater than cat and dog bite. most common organisms are anaerobic and aerobic bacteria specifically,Eikenella Corrodes. Hepatitis B and HIV can also be transmitted through human bite but is much less common.

it's a major cosmetic issue it's the most projectile part of our body. it's one of the first things we see in the face

Inj Tetvac,dressing, pt should register a police case and MLC is a must.Antibiotics,anti inflammatory drugs and refer immediately to plastic surgeon,because wound is fresh results will be good.

plastic surgery is only answer

this one requires plastic surgery repair where a tip of the nose reconstructed with a part of a rib. this is very rewarding surgery, so refer to s plastic surgeon

actually pinna cartilage is used for reconstruction of the framework and a pedicled skin flap is used for the coverage
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