A Clinical case of Hydrocele of the Femoral Hernial Sac

Hydrocele of the femoral hernial sac is a rare class of hydrocele, which generally alludes to presence of an actual femoral hernia. It may be difficult to pre diagnose hydrocele of the femoral hernia without exploration due to an irreducible or incarcerated femoral hernia obstructing the hydrocele. Share your views on this clinical case of Hydrocele of the Femoral Hernial Sac by experienced surgeon Dr Ajit Jangbahadur. Follow us for more such updates!



Informative case sir

Nice presentation sir

Ayurved view Haritaki churn 5 gm at night warm water punrnvadi gugul 2 bid shankhvati 2 tid after meal if necessary go to surgeon

Nice presentation sir

आप बधाई के पात्र हैं। इस लिए आप को बधाई दी जाती है।

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An important and helpful educative post , Thanks@Expert Insights .

Thank you Sir@Dr. Ashwin Tank .

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Nice case , good presentation. Importance of clinical examination to evaluate lab and image findings has been emphasized. Congratulations



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