Hyperpigmentation on Foot

male/40 years c/o hyperpigmentation on foot since 1 year no itching no discharge A boil was there, which gets healed and then this appears No h/o any disease non- diabetic thyroid- normal Appetite, thirst- normal desire- sour aversion- no stool- normal urine- normal sleep- normal He dislikes bathing calm, composed irritable when interrupted at work workaholic Suggest treatment and diagnosis doctors




Is the patient taking any medications? D/d lichen simplex chronicus, acanthosis nigricans, capillaritis, drug induced hyperpigmentation, fixed drug eruption. From the details provided by you one can think of Sulph but need more details to differentiate. Also needs to trim nails and maintain personal hygiene.

Thank you Dr. Panchajanya Kumar Deevi and Dr. Shivam Dixit @Dr. Uday Sajwan

Dx-Becker melanosis Hyperpigmentation due to increase amount of melanin of unknown etiology. Rx Antim crude30 tds

Dx Allergic towards foot wear or work induced the same kind of patches noted both sides of ankles. Rx Stop using foot wear and change of work Haridrakhanda 3g BD Atrisor mosturizer Manjishtadikhada 30ml OD


As I was confused about the diagnosis, I took the help of google and surprisingly I got this result. Pls have a look. https://www.aafp.org/afp/2015/0801/p219.html

Graphite 200

Dx Suppressed Boil. Rx Sulphur.

@Rafiqul Islam sir Is it Sadhya?

History of healing ulcer , you can choice Silicea 1 M/single dose and wait for a month

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