I am attaching "mri"and report of my case spinal stenosis with 40%relieved with physio therapy . sd reaction s-7 laser TENS AFT/ULTRA SOUND FLEXOR PASSIVE BACK EXERCISR ABD.AND P.FLOOR STRENTHENING EXERCISE HOT AND COLD 20 SESSONS E COMPLETED NEEDS ANY MORE??


Respected sir , Continue with the physiotherapy treatment and extension exercises. There's atrophy of multifidus muscle concentrate more on core muscles strengthening which your Physio is already taking care of. Your Physio can try manual therapy to open up the compression of foramina which will relieve your symptoms to certain extent. Your Physio is doing great job.

Respected Dr Sir I m personally satisfied with the physical therapy protocol initiated in this case however there few delicate aspects i would like to focus upon, Every case of disc disease of lumbr region is associated with a shift in the sacrum on either of the lateral side which is to b judged either by postural analysis or xrays.Sir its important to rectify this shift before any Back extensor ex is to be initiated further Patients of This condition are often prescribed by some kind of lumbar brace or support, though i dnt find any such prescription i feel it should be added and in case its already been given than its Important to Note that these braces are more of symptomatic relivers as they reduce the body load away from spine but they are also a major cause of both muscle weakness and muscle atrophy hence Sir a strenghthining protocol takes more time if a patient is on brace hence 20 sessions would not be sufficient in the light of the fact that it takes 6 weeks to 6 months for muscles to build strenght. Sir I also reccommed postural advice and specific core muscle strenghthing involvin MULTIFIDUS AND TRANS ABDOMINIS.We also need to examine length of HAMS ILIO PSOAS AND PERIFORMIS and RELEASE them if tight.We need to give it all a minimum of 30 to 45 sessions Thank u

@Dr Anshu,Dr.Shivkumar,Dr Karan --pl guide me.

Respected Dr vinod difficulty to read MRI films can U repost them

Sir, you can continue the same treatment protocol. Later on, you can stop the electrotherapy and continue your physical exercises at home. The exercises will take care of your back muscles strength, so you can keep on doing it even after you get relief. Posture correction with ergonomic changes is must.

Respect Dr There is paracenteral herniation of L4,5 so try to maintain proper ergonomic posture avoid forward bending some argonomical changes at your work place don't lift any wt and continue with good physiotherapist as well as good manual therapist . Most important back extensions with holding that position in few second .

MRI is not Clear but according your details physiotherapy treatment and strength exercises of back and legs

Start core stabilization exercises

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