Identify. Pic 1. Stool from a boy of 15 years old. Pic 2. Stool from a female of 35 years old.



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1. strongyloides 2. hookworm

1. Hookworm 2. Strongyloides artefact Hook-worm first-stage larva could be confused with Strongyloides larvae that are passed in stools. The larva of hookworm has a longer, tubular buccal cavity and the genital primordium is not evident. Strongyloides have a short buccal cavity and a prominent genital primordium which is not evident here. Refer to next post mam.

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1. Larval form of strongiloides stercoralis. 2. Rhabditiform larva of hookworm.

Strongyloides larval form

Strogyloid stercoralis

strongyloid stercoralis larval form. .

Strongyloides larval form

Strongyloides stercoralis and hook worm

Enterobius vermicularis. Pinworm female larva

Larva of strongyloid stercoralis

1 strongyloides larval form 2 hookworm

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