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Identity the most useful plant in arthritis & a potent pain killer. local name Its total medicinal uses.


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Vitex Negundo.....Known as Nirgundi....good for all joints and vata vikruti...It has given me + in HLA-B27..SLE, ALS....

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Madam, Botanical Name - Vitex negundo Family - Verbinace Sanskrit Nirgundi, Neelmanjari Hindi Saubhalu, Nirgandi English Five leaved chaste tree Medicinal Benefits Of Nirgundi As Explained In Ayurved. It basically acts as an analgesic and extremely useful for conditions associated with spleen, liver and thyroid. Other traditional uses are to treat various skin ailments like vitiligo, leucoderma and leprosy, eye diseases, biliousness, intestinal worms, children arthritis and nervous disorders. It is useful to treat number of female ailments such as amenorrhea, menopause, menorrhagia, menstrual difficulties, leucorrhoea, yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis and premenstrual syndrome. Various types of arthritis, ulcers, sciatica and pain can be effectively treated with nirgundi.It is a panacea solution in vast range of respiratory diseases like cough, asthma, bronchitis and pleura inflammatory conditions, spondylitis and ascites. Being diuretic it facilitates the micturition. It is also useful in treating dysuria and anuria. It helps in smooth urination during gonorrhoeal infections. Nirgundi is very useful herb in morbid conditions of vata like epilepsy, insomnia and vertigo since it works as a brain tonic. It is most useful for inflammatory conditions like tonsillitis, endometriosis and orchitis. It has anticonvulsant, antioxidant, and bronchial relaxant and hepatoprotective activities. Thanks With regards

Excellent Dr.

kwath of leaves useful as gargle in pharyngitis,stomatitis throat and oral information, Improves menstural flow used in dysmenorrhea,obstretrics Analgesic anti inflammatory in RA,Gout,Sciatica,Synovitis.Hair tonic useful in Gonorrhea/Syphilis/Dysurea Rasyan Nirgundi oil/Powder:Churna/Nirgundi kwath/kalka can be used. Best known product Nirgundyadi tail

*oral inflammation

Nirgundi, Vitex negudo,Hindi sambhalu/Nirgundi,Gujrati Nagoda/shamalic. Uses1:Best Analgesic,Anti inflammatory,Anti bacterial. 2,kwath or decoction for tub bath in Endometritis,colitis,orchitis3leaves heated and tied over joint to relive arthritic pain kwath of leaves useful as g

Its Nirgundi... @Dr. M V Subramanyam explained everything.... Thanks for sharing detailed explanation sir......

Thanks Dr Hemant

it is Nirgundi ( vitex nigundo) very useful in shoth, aamavata, vatarakta and all types of inflammatory diseases too. in chitrakoot a new species is present known as vitex nigundo chitrakootensis.

Dr.Chitrakootensis species have any extra speciality?

Nirgundi. Vitex Negudo. antiifammatory prep.of nirgundyadi taila. kuath for joint ailments

Vitex Negundo.....Known as Nirgundi....good for all joints and vata vikruti...It has given me + in HLA-B27..SLE, ALS....

Dr. what is HLA etc please explain

Nirgundi use in joint pain Gout Arthritis

agree with dr.gupta sir and dr. subramanyam sir

Thanks Dr Gauri

Dr.M V Subramanyam sir , thank u very much. I am very happy to read very valuable informations from u sir...

Thanks and most welcome sir. Delighted with your words. with regards
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