If sero conversion for covid 19 is + antibodies are present will all these population need vaccine


It is just like influenza, every year a new strain of influenza appears and antibodies against influenza last for only one year Therefore, influenza vaccination is recommended to be taken every year Now COViD 19 is also having multiple strain, and COViD 19 behaves like influenza, therefore it is obvious that vaccination will be required for all and to be repeated yearly This is because infection from one strain may not give immunity against another strain of COVID 19

It is unclear how long immunity will last ,post covid. Because Covid virus has shown multiple mutations, it is likely that ,like influenza vaccine, Covid vaccine will also be annual affair. Need to wait. If COVID infection gives a long lasting immunity , there will be no need for vaccine for them. If not ,post COVID cases also may need vaccine .

Yet not answered who needs vaccine. Though few cases of relapse noted in China... initially it will not be indication for vaccination.

No guide lines about vaccination in covid19 Trials are not completed Still we do not know feasibility of vaccine nor the period of immunity generated What you are suggedting is herd immunity wait and watch

May need vaccine... Depends upon their type of antibody and it's titre

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