Interesting case... Young female with complains of swelling in bilateral axilla since 3 months.. not associate with pain.. no increased temperature no tenderness mobile palpable swelling, soft to firm in consistency.. Differential diagnosis???



History must be prolonged. D/D - Bilateral axillary lipoma Bilateral axillary accessory breasts Bilateral axillary fat deposition . Hypertrophied axillary tail of spence

Examination shld include other sites of lymph node enlargement if any( rule out generalized lymphadenopathy) Mention Per abdomen examination( Liver spleen enlarged or not) If all findings wnl, go for usg—>fnac D/d polymazia;axillary lipoma;axillary tail of breast enlargement

Bilateral accessary Brest in both the axilla. Bilateral lipoma in both axilla.

Can these develop over few months.

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look like accessory breast. or lipoma.

Accessory breasts along 'milk line'. Not uncommon. Surgical excision or if available aspiration with Laser assisted skin tightening AND compression dressing 'figure of 8' as in clavicular fracture, for 3 weeks if skin not excised.

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Accessory breast

Accesory breast dd fat pad dd lipoma dd cyst dd neurofibroma

this was a case of bilateral axillary breast with bilateral fibroadenoma.. fnac was done which showed fibroadenoma.. she got operated today.. waiting for the final hpr report..

Axillary tail most likely. Dr, do a mammogram .

Accessory axillary breast. First do FNAC - if it confirms. Excision biopsy for cosmetic reason.

Accessory breast Do fnac to confim

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