Interstitial changes on x-ray and CT

Chief Complaint A 67 y/o male presents with dry cough, exertional dyspnoea & SOB. History He is HTN, & DM. Patient was a chronic smoker but left smoking 10 years back. The patient was on inhaler and other asthma medications, nothing was much effective. Vitals BP: 145/90 mmhg, Respiratory rate: 22 bpm, Pulse: 79 bpm, Temp: 97.9 degree F. Investigations SpO2 was 89%. Chest x-ray shows interstitial changes. CT shows a bilateral interstitial markings, diffuse mosaic pattern, variable lung attenuation with interstitial lung changes, cystic changes, worsening Treatment What should be the treatment?

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Interstitial Lung disease or fibrosed lungs Do Pulmonary Function test Also 2D echo for cardiac condition Start with Perfenidone 400 bd Defcort 6mg Od Seroflow inhaler PPI and Dolo 650 sos

INTRESTESIAL LUNG FIBROSIS Tab perfendine Steroids N-acetyl cysteine Rest continue bronchodilators and expectorants Rotahalers 9r nebulisation

I agree with Dr Shivraj Agarwal.

ILD Do LUNG FUNCTION tEST Steroids and bronchodilator

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