Interstitial pulmonary fibrosis case

Chief complaint A 70 y/o female presents with exertional dyspnea for 5 months. Vitals BP 130/80 mmhg, Resp rate 20 breaths/minute, Pulse 80 beats per minute, Temp 98.1 degree F Investigations FVC 73% predicted with a normal FEV1/FVC ratio. ECG wnl Chest x‐ray shows bilateral markings in the lung fields. CT scan shows usual interstitial pneumonia pattern. Diagnosis A diagnosis of interstitial pulmonary fibrosis was made. Treatment Nintedanib and Pirfenidone was prescribed. Is any other management required? Should i follow more steps for diagnosis?


Add defcort 6mg od also Pirfenidone cause she abdomen discomfort,

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