It's been a seven month that this patient is suffering from by this infection which is painful.... is anybody having any idea and treatment about this.... If so then please tell me how to diagnose or treat. ...



Oral candidiasis? Ulcer in tongue rule out sharp tooth

?? Lichenoid Reaction ??Apthous Ulcer

painful ulcer..clinically to me it looks like teeth compression ...give a little time before biopsy..Check the teeth bite position on tongue..take help of dental specialist...I think advising patient to take care while chewing and talking and applying orobliss or any anaesthetic gel ,aceclofenac+serrapeptidase and simple antibiotics for few days...of course check Sharp me it doesn't look malignant yet

Pain full ulcer.. due to teeth compression. Use Khadiradi vati 2tab to chew 3to 4 times a day. Irre medadi taila+ G32tab to be crushed well and mixed well and make a paste and apply on affected parts .after 10 minutes wash the mouth with lukewarm water.

because I can see in the central of ulcer elevated fold like crushed by teeth and margins of ulcer are sloppy

Soft tissue broadspectrum antibiotic tab bifolate bd for 14days

Also check sharp teeth with the help of a good dentist.

May be CA in initial stage do excesional biopsy

please rule out ca tongue ask for biopsy

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