itching skin since 2 months gradually increases fever with chills


Psoriasis Rx shampoo with Ketacanazole twice aweek and apply clop-snano lotion twice daily tab levocetrizine 5mg once after 10days. If improved plain salicylicacidoint 3%should be applied twice daily for a month or so. For fever give antibiotic like azithromycin250mg oncedaily 5days and antipyretics

Thanx dr Abdul Majeed

Psoriasis Improve general health and personal hygiene. Glycine soap bath and clean area with diluted betadin lotion and apply salicylic acid oint locally. Levocet 5mg BD. Multivitamins and antioxidants orally. Psorion oint + Sulphur 2%oint in equal ratio on alternate day locally can be useful.

Thanks Dr Gurpreet Sidhu.

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Psoriasis Maintain personal hygiene Improve general body health Intake Plenty of more water Uses Fibres Green leaf vegetables and fruits papaya banana Tab cefadroxyl cv 250 mg BD x 7 days Tab Atarax 10 mg BD x 10 days Nadoxin plus cream for LA

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