#ItsTime A 5 y/o girl camel with a right groin mass for 2 months and abdominal distension for 15 days. Her symptoms were accompanied by occasional umbilical pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Physical examination showed acute facial features, malnutrition, abdominal swelling, a mass approximately 4 × 3 × 2 cm in size in the right inguinal region. Routine blood test revealed WBC 2.97 × 109/L, neutrophils 47.2%, Rbc 4.88 × 1012/L, platelets 714 × 109/L, and C-reactive protein 2.06 mg/L. Abdominal CT attached. My diagnosis Pancreatic Tb. Please give your opinion.

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Hypoechoic shadow in pancreatic area looks lymphadenopathy D/d 1 tubercular 2 malignant

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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Peripancreatic inhomogenous ecogenecities seen extending to billiary region. Possibly malignancy. Adv PET scan.


Tnx Dr Shivraj Agarwal sir

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meuroblastoma hypernephroma vipoma mesentric ademomas cyst are dds

Isolated TB of Pàncreas is less commonly seen. Swollenand calcified spot in pancreatic area. May be discussed with Pediatric surgeon.

Opacities seen adjacent to the pancreas.? tubercular lympadenopathy,? malignancy.

Suspected melignency. Evalute with further investigations.

Pancreatic tumor biopsy HP

Opacities seen adjacent to pancreas * Tubercular ** Malignancy Needs further evaluation to conclude.

Thanks Dr Pushkar Bhomia

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Pancreatic lesion ? Neuroendocrine tumour ? Tuberculosis

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