just posting the image out of qurocity. only one eye is blue coloured lf eye.dx pls


1.Basically it is nevus of ota in which there is increase in melanin production and increase in the number of melanocytes. 2.There is increase in pigmentation of the eyelids and iris leading to heterochromia iridis. 3.These patients need routine Indirect ophthalmoscopy and USG to rule out any evidence of choroidal melanoma 4Repeated neurological assessment as they are also at a high risk of intracranial malignancy 5.NO treatment required except follow up.

Nevus of ota . Rx: frequent f/up ,wait & watch for malignant transformation.

Blue iris, deafness and brittle bones producing van Der Hoeve syndrome. No particular management is available ; if hearing loss is present even hearing aids are recommended

nevus of ota

Osteogenesis imperfecta.

sir no vision loss.no significant family history.one of pt son came to opd.so just picked image

blue sclera


any family h/o fractures deafness

scleral pogmntation with mild lid hyperpimntatn suggests nevus of ota no treatment needed

final diagnosis ,Sir?

osteogenesis imperfacta is final
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