Keloid after Fracture

Age-22 yr -F c/o- before 4 months,rt.sided ankle fracture and there is also some puncture type of injury on foot at that time. fracture is recovered bat there is some keloid type formation still remaining on foot.sometimes uncontrollable itching at that area and hardness is there. still some sensitivity remain at rt toe to keloid formation. plz indicates homoeopathic remedy for that keloid like structure.



Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Injury foot After Spread Ulceration, Dressing One Of The Best Treatment. 2nd times Medicine. First times Washing Wounds Place *Savlon Lotion, * Betadine Lotion. *H. P Lotion~ Hydrogen peroxide. * Dressing Oint. * Rx Silicia, Calendula, is Best.

Sir. There is recovered that area but some keloid like formation appear which is seen in next photos.

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Silicea Skin • Soggy, wilted. • Acuminate eruptions. • Scars suddenly become painful. • Keloid. • Every little injury suppurates.

Silicea can be given If not any change after one week or two week then fluoric acid can be given

Silicea 200...1 dose every wk Tub an IC remedy

I would suggest you to prescribe Silicea 1M single dose

Grindelia robust Q Sycophant 3x Sulphur 30

THIOSINAMINUM3x bd thuja 30 weekly

Silicea 200 one dose every15 days

SILICEA may be helpful

Silicea if indicate

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