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Action of medicine - After biting of cobra 🐍 Venom start Acting - 1)- ACTION ON BRAIN - There were no external bleeding in case of biting - only internal haemorrhage occur - blood clot - only oedema - no haemorrhage- blueness of parts followed by burning , that's why patient is always C onsious state of mind , Where in LACHESIS there is bleeding pt may become unconscious ,same in Crotalus also . 2) ACTION ON LOWER MOTOR NEURON - cranial nerve 5 th after words - causes bulbar palsy - Gradually pt feels loss of power in lower limbs - loss of swallowing and speech , movement of lips . 3) ACTION ON RESPIRATORY SYSTEM & CIRCULATORY SYSTEM- decrease Respiratory rate - dyspnea < lie on left side Heart - Irregular pulse , low tension Desire for open air Feeling of suffocation Congestive headache 4) Venom ACT ON ANTIRIOR HORN CELLS - Degeneration of motor cells - now patient having loss of control over sphincters , voluntary muscle of body 5 ) THERAPEUTIC USES :- HEADACHE ANXIETY DISORDERS DEPRESSION PARALYSIS BLOOD COAGULATION DISORDERS ASTHMA HYPERTROPHY AND DEGENRATIVE DISEASE OF HEART INFECTIVE ENDOCARDITIS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE , ANGINA LEFT OVARY DIS FUNCTION Thank you , I hope it will be useful to all ..



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