known case of diabetic & she s on insulin .wat woul be d diagnosis & treatment

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This is a case of Ichthyosis, or extremely dry skin,please r/o hypothyroidism where in we see the similar skin, better u refer it to Dermatologist, mean while moisturizer, mvt, zinc, iron

VIT B6 deficiency put her on B-Long-F

mid potent steroid and emollient !

ichthyosis?give moisturizer and multivitamin supplements and do tft

ichthyosis. to r/o Hypothyroidism. &dermatologist opinion .

extremely dry skin with a good moisturiser she should benifit

thank u for all ur suggestions...i wil do needful

dryness of skin...n some looks like dry eczema..go for antifungal with some moisturising cream.. like aloederm cream etc...

Thanx Dr Mihir and Dr Aroos And how long is it given

vit B3 is present in green vegetable. and oral tab also avilable in market. like lef extract. natural factor. and many more

how is B3 given?

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