lbache,pain lt heel since 1 yr 50yrs f normotensive,non diabetic


Xray Ls region shows lumbar spondylosis with pid. There are osteophytes with paraspinal muscle spasm with reduction of iv space bet L4L5 and xray ankle shows a big calcaneal spur with planter facitis.

Thanx dr VedPrakash Sharma

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There is plantar calcaneal spur Talonavicular OA Check for flat foot on weight bearing L5 S1 Disc space is narrowed Possibly degenerated disc with bulge Analgesics Calcium vitD Gabantin will help MCR foot wear

Planter fascitis - Contrast bath - Faradic foot bath - Stretching exercise - Ultrasonic massage - Silicone heel pads - NSAID's - cortisone injections. If conservative treatments fail, surgery may be necessary.

Which type of surgery you advise in plantar fascitis?

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Calcaneal spur--Plantar fasciitis.

Please view Ls spine image

Calcaneal spur.UST and laser will give relief but it's not long term.Sole strengthening exercises will help.Its ESWT(Shock waves) which will reduce the size of calcaneal spur in 10 sittings and follow up of three months.

Retro calcaneal calcification with calcaneal spur Degenerative changes of L3_5,reduced disc space of L5_S1,gr1 spondylolisthesis of L5 over S1

Calcaneal spur

X ray could have been proper As noted there are some spurs and some degenerative changes in the spine as well Weight reduction Core exercises TA and Hamstring stretches should relieve the pain

Calcaneal spur

Plantar fascitis Contrast bath Faradic foot bath. Stretching exercises.

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