Lesions on the leg - Diagnosis?

A 45-year-old came with these dry nodular lesions on the right leg. Lesions are present for 6-7 years. Patient is not able to put weight on the right leg due to pain in leg. Initially lesions seen on the arm which resolves on its own, then he noted these lesions on the leg. It is increasing in size and involving almost the whole leg. Can you diagnosis what is it??



Erythema nodosum. Prurigo Nodularis.... Panniculitis is a group of conditions that cause painful bumps, or nodules, to form under your skin, often on your legs and feet. These bumps create inflammation in the fat layer under your skin. ... You're more likely to get panniculitis if you have an infection, inflammatory disease, or connective tissue disorder Lymphoma in the form of inflammatory nodular lesions has been described. Skin biopsy is the first step to proceed.

Scaly lesions appears to be hypertrophied keratosis

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

Neurofibromatosis Lipomatosis Papilloma biopsy HP

Erythema nodosum. Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude and line of treatment.

Erythema nodosum

Erythema nodosum