Lichen pluns

help me to diagnosis of disease..... with suitable treatment...



? Lichen Planus Hypertrophicus

Hypertrophic lichen planus/lichen striatus?

Hypertrophied lichen planus Clobetesol + salycilic acid cream for local application Moisturizing cream for local application Oral antihistamine

Thanks you Dr.khan

एक्जिमा -रक्तशोधन, निदान परिवर्जन, महामंजिष्ठादि क्वाथ, आरोग्य वर्धिनी वटी, त्रिफला गुग्गुलु, गंधक मल हर वाह्य लेपन

Thanks you Dr. Singh

Scratch, chickenpox scars, burns, surgical insicion r also d causes of keloid ( other than injuries)


Is there itching or not? Gender and age of patient. For how long patient is suffering?

देसी दवाई का कमाल 3 से लेकर 15 दिन तक चर्म रोग का इलाज हर्बल दवाई उधर ही फोन नंबर 93 5855 8068

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Looks like a keloid, ac.flour could be started with.

keloid lichen planus hypertrophic

? Keloid ?Hypertrophic lichen planus

Hyper trophied lichen planus

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