LUMBAR SPONDYLOSIS... A patient female31yrscame to my clinic with a severe pain in lumbar region with stiffness, she also complaint of the numbness in left leg with pain at hip.....REQUIRED REPORTS ARE ATTACHED.... she said all her complaints arised due to C-section performed 5yrs ago during her second pregnancy.... mentally she was uneasy, silent, gloomy, uninteresting.... never happy at anything, headache due to confusion.... sensation as if stomach is always empty... fear of pain, death, future.... very chilly: “ normal resistance to temperature destroyed”. Catches cold from every exposure to open air. agg-motion, exertion, winter, cold, change of weather... amelioration warmth, covering, lying down.. D/D, RX, PROGNOSIS....



Case can be well managed from Ayurveda. If this case comes to me i will start following. Kati basti with Moorivenna tailam and Ksheera bala tailam for 7 days. Gugguku tiktaka Ghrutam matra basti just after the breakfast fir 10 days. After that Cap Nervokalpa 1 cap bd Tab Simhanada Guggulu 2 tab bd Syp Ashwagandharishtam 4 tsp bd AF Luke warm water + Maha rasnadi kashayam Kati Snana daily Draksha siddha Ksheera pana at night. Counsling for the disease and assurence for cure. @Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir @Dr. Niranjan Ram sir @Dr. P. G. Shah sir

Very well explained sir...I totally agree WD ur line of TT.sir

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This is a mixed case of Aaghatjanya AsthidhatuVikruti (Post operative compilation post delivery) along with Apaan vaayu Vikruti, and Post partum depression. Treat Depression with Laghuvaman followed by 7 alternate sessions of Shirodhara. Also give music therapy if any any Classical singer / musician is available for help. Simultaneously, Apaan Vayu Vikruti and Grudhrasi Chikitsa should be applied. Should be treated promptly with Basti chikitsa. Panchatikthak Ghruta, PadmakKaashth, Amala, Musta, Guduchi along with Mahamasha tail & Sahachar tail will be beneficial.

Frankly speaking such cases has not so much good PROGNOSIS. The results ARE depending on various aspects. *proper selection of remedy. *proper working positions. *daily physiotherapy. *proper diet and meditation. *the tolerance of patient. *response of patients body to medicines and physiotherapy. If these above aspects are doing well then there are many chances to recover fastly.. . If you get none of these plz don't experiment further. Refer to the case for spine surgery. The Only AND permanent option. Thanks. Hypericum 200 can be thought of.

But allopathic doctors are afraid of complications during surgery.... May she go paralysed due to surgical intervention...

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Dear Dr Hemender, I have cured several painful cervical and lumbar spondylosis cases with mezereum. This case seems like one needing mezereum. Generalities agree well. Give single dose of mezereum 200. Relief from pain should be instant if suitable. Later Merc Sol would follow well.

Very supportive lines @Dr. Venkatesh K. N. .... I will definitely follow your opinion and go through it....

Lumber sacral spondalities. I hope Silicea 1m. Daily morning. Salix nig. 200 twice daily with calcium suppliment may be helpful.

Kati vasti with mahanaryan oil Cap spondylon BD Cap dazzle BD Tab myostal fort BD

Arnica, hypericum ,mezerium are helpful medicine .

Hypericum 200 & cp 6x... helpful...

First of all try to find out similimum of the patient and never be panic to any diagnosis and report. As the case given - Pain and stiffness in lumber region Numbness in left leg asso. With pain in hip Mentally she is uneasy , uninteresting.... Mean basically she is irritable in nature Fear of death...Etc. Stomach feels empty Thermal chilly General modalities.... Cold agg. Acco. To case the most similimum should be nux vom. 2nd point is the dose and potency - Here bcoz of structural changes most of authers suggest low potency in repeated frequently. I think nux vom. 30 should be given od in night up to improvement start then stop the remedy until improvement persist after that second prescription should be according to re case taking

Thanks for your response...i will go through your suggestions....

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1). Suvarn Samir Pannag Ras 125 mg Rasraj Ras 125 mg Mahayograj Guggullu 125 mg b.d.with Madhu 2) Maharasnadi Kwath 10 ml Ashwagandha rishta 10 ml b.d.p.c. 3) Mahanarayan Tail Prasarini Tail Locally 4) Erand Pak 5gm b.d.

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