m 60 years presented with this swelling with pain no any other complain bp 140/80 pulse 72 plz suggest differentials

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Erythema nodosum

Do s uric acid x ray foot and moniter BP

Rule out Calcaneal spur

Haglund's deformity-retrocalceneal bursitis Do conservative management Operative results are initially good but longtime result is very poor

can be bursitis

Tendo acheles bursitis. Xray ankle

@may be that a teaniasis.....fungal infection.....treated same as ........like...tab..fluconazole 200....wkly od....tab anti allergic ...bd...apply ..nadoxin plus oint......

Exact location of pain ?

At the point of swelling..@Ershad Mohammed

Kindly Give detailed history regarding swelling... any hx of Trauma.. Sprain... seems to b Achilles Tendonitis Rest Analgesics will help

No trauma No sprain Spontaneous eruption Farmer by occupation @Dr. Deepak Gabhale

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Do x-ray of foot.

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