M.70. C/O----DOE. KCO---CKD,CVA AF O/E----BP-90/50mmHg. pallor+. no peripheral oedema. JVP not raised.



Hydropneumothorax to be tapped to relieve dysponea. And to assess the cause .his systolic bp is low with comorbidities hence procedure should be conducted by expert in a well equipped setup.

Thanx dr Prem Yadav

Massive pleural effusion rt side with collapse. Mediastinal shift to rt

Right sided huge pleural effusion with right lung collapse leading to trachea and mediastinum in mid line.

MassivePleural effusion rt

Rt side massive pl effusion ? Empyma

Massive right sided pleural effusion with lower 2/3rd collapse of rt lung

Rt pleural effusion.rx tapping with antibiotics and akt

Tapping CBC esr mx. Test will make final diagnosis

Massive rt pleural effusion c cardiomegaly

Rt.massive pl.effusionwith mediastinal shift

Massive RT.pleural effusion

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