male 20 yr old boy uncns restlessness sob convulsions

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The patient has tall and peaked T wave in V2,3,4. Suggests Hyperkalarmia. He has QTc interval 0.34 ie shortened -suggests Hypercalcaemia Hyper calcaemia and Hyperkalarmia occur in metabolic acidosis in which the patient can be irritable and there can be seizure. T/t search the cause, do ABG , and correct acidosis .

ECG-WNL and nothing to do with convulsion, Get CT head, EEG, Treat convulsion, Neurologist opinion

sinus arrhythmia Tall T waves in precordial leads repeat s/electrolytes

tall peaked T wave with sinus rhythm..most likely hyperkalemia.repeat s.k+

k 3.49 ,Na 135

ecg normal

ECG s/o Early Repolarisation( j point elevation in v2v3v4)...and rest NORMAL STUDY... K levels slightly on lower side so correct it... Check for Ca,Mg and Phosphorous levels also Do fundus,MRI Brain and EEG to evaluate for convulsions...

Sinus rhythm,tall peaked t Wave in precordial leads with short st segment.suggestive of hyperkalemia, hypercalcemia. Suggested Sr electrolyts,Sr calcium,mg, CXR PA view, ABG, MRI brain, EEG,Tor/o convulsions.

one should look for possibility of pericarditis triad of chest pain represented as restlessness ,sinus arrhythmia, st -t changes as st elevation with concavity upwards.

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