male/28 years complaint of desires for stools immediately after eating food stools are normal He has lost weight of 5-6 kgs in last 2 months The complaints increases whenever he took any spicy or outside food. Please suggest me the treatment with proper detailed diet plan. Report is attached. Suggestive of chronic collitis- IBD Thanks in advance


Histopathology shows inflammatory bowel disease It may suggest ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease as differential diagnosis Adv Fecal calprotectin level done in stool test Positivity suggest inflammatory bowel disease Initial treatment can be T. Mesalamine (Mesacol) 400 mg Three tablet three times a day

grahni or IBS or something else... DD- 1. Vataja Jirna Atisara ( Alpa Dosha ) 2. Nidana sevana Saatatya 3. vataja Grahani 4. vataja pravahika ( though no mucous present over there..) 5. Apaanavrut vyaan... kindly try to find out ...if any HETU is persisitng vatala Ahara...vihara..vegavarodha habit ..vega Udirana habit.. regarding treatment - 1. Laghu Gangadhara Churna ( Bh Pr ) - Musta + Indrayava + mocharasa + Bilwa + Dhataki + Lodhra X Guda + dadhi 2. Shankha vati 2-2 Apana Kale 3. Takrarishta X 4-4 t sp after both meals

Levofloxacin, Metronidazole as per weight. Clinidium bromide with chlordiazepoxide twice or thrice daily Pro biotics

May be Intestional amoebiasis. IBS is also suspected. Check for S.Serotine at Stool test...

What is the colonoscopy report? HPE report is IBD , Bland diet ,low in fat and spices Rifagut + probiotic course Salazopyrin 500 mg BD Depending on colostomy report, severe cases will receive steroids by enema / oral route .

Irritable bowel syndrome, it is not curable just I prescribed Tab Melzap MD 0.25 one at bed time, Cap ENTEROFLORA one bd, Cap Autrin one daily, Tab Lopramide one tds , Avoid spicy foods, fast food,

Case of irritable bowel Syndrome Tab Librax 1 bd Less spicy food Naturolax powder 2 tsf tds With curd Tab Ativan 1 mg at bedtime

IBD Colonoscopy/Proctoscopy CBC, HIV, LFT Gut sterilization Anxiolytic Antidepressants High fibres diet

It's a inflammatory bowel syndrome,,,give pre-pro biotics .do stool examination,give smashed potato,sabudana and banana in diet.admit the pt and do colonoscopy .

Chronic ameobiasis/IBS Tab metrogy 800mg tds×10days Tab librax bd .

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