male,65 yrs suffering from itchy rruption for 2 mon. diagnosis and dd


Dr. Sankar, This visual shows dry and scaly appearance. It is common in old age people more than 60 years. In my knowledge, ICTHYOSIS is brownish scales, fish scale appearance mainly on front of the legs. But here total legs involved. In old age people, due to less activity of sweat glands produce less oil in turn hard to maintain the moist of skin. So resulting this dryness and reduce the skin strength and elasticity produce these scales.( Here malnutrition also play the role) DD: ICHTHYOSIS VULGARIS SEBHORRHOEIC DERMATITIS Xerosis Malnutrition Asteatotic Eczema.

Highly confused between ICHTHYOSIS and normal xerosis. So evaluate by 1) family history. 2) itchy polygonal shaped fishy scales mainly on elbows and lower legs, that too on shins of tibia with dark segments. 3) good nutrition and hydration gives well respond, when compare to ICHTHYOSIS.

Since onset is in old age and coldest winter, I like to believe this is not ichthyosis but xerosis cutis. Anyway petroleum seems the indicated remedy. Give 30th internally and Vaseline externally

Eczema cracqeulae Adequate Emollients Mild steroids



Ecthosis vulgaris case start with sulphur 200single dose Oliv oil externally

Icthyosis vulgaris. Emollient and anti allergic

@Dr. T Sankar - ecthyosis

Ichthyosis vulgaris


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