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Male Age 15 C/m 2018 started problems first aggravation of swelling Swelling over both knee joint L>R x 10 month injury for left knee causing pain and swelling over both injured region since symptoms persisted and worsened was further evaluated a MRI left knee joint 31 .5.2019 reported Evedice synovitis with osteocondritis lateral femoral condyle both knee he was advised to undergo arthroscopic synovectomy with excision of old fragment with debrighment both knee Cough 1 week Mucus Past history Know of case T2DM/HTN/ BA/EPILEPSY Examination patient Patient of conscious nopallor, no cynasis no icterus no clubbing no lymphdenopathy Board 120/80mmhg PR 82 mins RR 18 RS Bae CVS s1s2 Can nfnd P/A soft WTF 38.6kg Hyper 148 Local examination left knee Left knee Warmth, swelling ,no tenderness Right knee warmth, mild swelling, no tenderness No pain Rx



Lschesis 30 Tub,1m weekly

Thank you doctor

Ruta 1m monthly 2 dose Arnica 200 BD

Pulsatilla 200 May be helpful

Kali iod Phytolacca Calc flour

Ruta Grav may be helpful.

Valuable opinion

Carcinosin 1m single dose...thn consider another similimum like phosphorus..Lycopodium..etc

I agree

नाड़ी स्वेदन करवाये ।

Consult orthopaedic

Orthopedic opinion

Arnica 1m single does Agale folia Q Apocynum c Q Liatris Q mix each equal ratio 10 drop 3times Calcarea phos Calcarea flour Ferrum phos all 6x take 4tab each 3times

Single does medicine repeat after 7 days
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