male patient age 27 complains of bucally proclined teeth wrt 11 bt hav pus duscharge wit periapical abscess,no top no mobilty ,presence of bone loss upto middle 3 rd of the root,presence of supernumerary tooth between 11 and 21 couldnot tag xray as patient need xray kinfly giv suggestions


dr.bharat nice case to chat on.. my suggestion is patient's perio status(oral hygiene) is very poor n in such condition smile designing is most tricky job to do. anyways my recommendation will be: - extraction of 11 & mesiodens - crown prep for 4unit bridge from 12--->21 (note: 12 must be modified as canine & add an extra lateral with central into the empty space) - thorough scaling & regular follow ups every 6mths Hope this will satisfy his esthetics demand..!

dis sounds more gud doc

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It sounds good of Wat dr.suyog described . But I doubt if we can coincide the midline. So, extract as the plan . Do a mock wax up of intended prosthesis design n work out accordingly if it's looking good . Thank u

it's case of aggressive periodontitis (?) do RCT

Aggressive periodontitis Root canal treat ment Fpd

extract the diseased 11 and if mesiodense is mobile then it too and then a nice aesthetically pleasing FPD from 21 to 12 with lil diastema for more natural look.

bt doc i feel teeth wil b large in size dan usual,more space s der so wnt luk gud

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Tricky but simple. Well if u really wana make him luk bright n hes willing tu spend for it u need tu remove the centrals and minimally prepare the laterals and give him a crown with slightly bulbous laterals and proportionate centrals. It will du the job.

hw abt supernumerary tooth dr

remove the rct in 11 if periodontally healthy. and then give appropriate zirconia crowns on 12 11 21 to redesign the aesthetics...keep a note of checking the overjet and overbite.u might encounter some problem there

Take an impression and prepare a mock model with laterals prepared and the centrals and a mesiodens out. Then u can obtain the patient consent if he agrees and then proceed. Jus make sure the bite isnt tuu deep if it is dunt attempt

I would suggest extract mesiodens do RC with respect to 11 n if patient can afford do rc of 12, 21, 22 n give crowns...better make a mock model n see ...

not crown but bridge... sorry

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I think u should go for extraction of 11 and mesiodens then give fpd.

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