Male patient over 50 yrs visited my clinic in January 2018 with gross visual loss of right eye. The patient confessed about occasional drinking of alcohol . Visual acuity in right eye barely hand movements and it left 6/18 Your diagnosis ?



Primary optic atrophy right eye

Pale disc with margins are blurred and vascular sheething suggestive of secondary optic atrophy

If the history of visual loss in R/E is of long duration, it may be optic atrophy following optic neurits /Reterobulbar neurits

Bilateral temporal palar right> lt

This may be a case of toxic optic neuritis due to hooch liquor consumption, however OCT image of optic nerve and green filter may throw more light wid meticulous history and pupilary reaction to rule out (RAPD)

Toxic Amblyopia RE>LE

Rt eye is anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy. Lt eye is having arteriolar attenuation

REOptic atrophy following AION ,LE optic neuritis

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