Male patient with complain of itching since 2-3 yrs. Is it tinea infection??


It's not Tineasis--- D/D- 1. ACNE KELOIDALIS NUCHAE 2. CONTACT DERMATITIS 3. (Recurrent case of) POLYMORPHIC Light ERUPTION.

Tinea Corporis with Polymorphous Light Eruption Annular arcuate plaques I first picture with active papulovesiculation at periphery with central clearing is suggestive for Tinea Corporis. Picture 2 shows small whitish shiny dots confluent in geographical pattern over sunexposed area is suggestive for PMLE. Rx Systemic and topical antifungal. Antihistamines. Emolients. Sun protection.

Tinea corporis

infected eczema

PMLE Seborrheic dermatitis

T. Incognito

Tinea infection....... Tab itra400 od lulimac lotion

Tinea corporis Cap Itraconazole 200mg bd x 2wks Topical Eberconazole twice daily Systemic antibiotics

Taenia infection

I agree with Dr Rumi mandal

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