Male pt.60years lesion over Forhead cheek peel off skin hyperpigmentation H/o apply something pl dx. rx.



Dr. Umesh This visual shows Dryness and peeling of the skin only on face due to contact allergens and sensitize the skin by sun exposure called PHOTOALLEGIC CONTACT DERMATITIS. It may also due to airborne substances such as SPRAY INSECTICIDE products will lead this problem. So enquiry about his profession. If he is farmer, the above might be the cause. TREATMENT: Avoid the contact allergens. Avoid to go outside to the fields. use SUNSCREEN lotion. Night apply momentasome with fusidate cream. Tab fexofenadine 180 mg daily night. Tab Azithromycin 250 mg daily for 10 days.

Irritant contact Dermatitis Avoid the use of irritant Emollients Liquid paraffin Halobetasone with Gentamycin Antihistamines orally Moisturising lotion Moisturising soap.


irritant contact dermatitis, rx avoid offensive irritating agents, local application of steroid + antibiotics, moisturising agent. oral antihistamine. ...

Allergic contact dermatitis.. Tab Cetrizine 10mg OD , Tab Atarex 25mg HS, Moisturex cream in the morning and Clobetasole salicylic ointment in the evening, Avoid allergen and Sun light.

Allergic contact dermatitis

Sir i think this is allergic contact dermatitis due to cosmetic use Steroid cream can be used with oral antihistamine for itching

Contact dermatitis. Take Dermatologist reference.

Allergic contact dermatitis

Hyper keratotic, dermatitis,Allergic contact dermatitis. Steroid, emollients, tab ant histaminics, azithromycin, Nimusulide.

Allergic contact dermatitis

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