Management of urticaria?



Acute urticaria can be managed with short course of oral steroids with antihistamines, monteleukast, hydroxyzine . Chronic urticaria is difficult to manage since it can be recurrent and difficult to manage. Same treatment as for acute urticaria , but patient education is important. Detection and avoidance of allergen in contact or food or drugs is important. Cold urticaria and cholinergic urticaria are related to atmospheric temperature affecting body temperature, and they can be prevented..

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1.Tab Fexofenadine 180 mg O.D for 10 days 2.Tab Deflazacort 6 mg O.D for 10 days 3.Deworming - Tab Albendazole 400 mg O.D for 3 days, 4.Avoidance of offending allergen - if identified 5.Finding out the cause and appropriately treating it 6.If oral medication is not effective- inj dexamethasone I /m stat

Liberation of histamine Serum sickness Lack of antibodies Alert120 mg bd Atarax 10 mg bd Steriod in tappering doses to suppress Or autoblood therapy Serum of pt blood 1/2 cc sc 2 weekly excellent reduce intensity of urticaria 4 to6 month

Ask for CBC ESR Blood SUGAR HIV HbSAg LFT RFT IgE start Tab Bandy 400 one start , Tab Levocet 5mg bd Tab Defcort 6mg bd Injection Histaglob one vial sc once in a week for four such

Inj Avil Inj dexamethasone Tab foristal Find out cause and treat the cause

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A skin rash triggered skin problem so please first fall blood investigation CBP Serum creiatinie Eletrolytes Montex Treatment Mussfi khoon 10 ml TID Itrifal shaitra BD Jawarish jaluinos Marham kamela external use

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Dear Dr. Mallikarjuna Raju Sir, Advice for the case. Haridrakhand 1 tsp tid with milk.


Rule out cause Tab fexofedine/levocetrizine

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