• Arsenic Alb 30-1 Bund, Squilla Meritima 3x - 1 Bund, Sugar of Milk-20 Grain - Mix these. These are four units. Giving four doses daily is beneficial in diarrhea with measles. • Bryonia 6-1 drops, Momordica Q - 10 drops, Aqua - one Aus - mix them. These are two units. Give four doses daily. It provides relief in the initial symptoms of measles, such as cold, cough, nausea, body pain, restlessness, constipation, high fever, rash, or suppression. • Epicac 30-4 drops, Antimart 3X - 3 drops, Phosphorus 6-2 drops, Bryonia 6-2 drops, Sugar of Milk-30 grains - mix it. These are five units. By giving five doses daily - it is easy to get relief from dyspnea with pneumonia, pneumonia, no rash or pressing. • Marbilinum 30-2 drops, Belladonna 30-2 drops, Kali Muer 3x - 10 grains, Pharam Phos 12X - 10 grains, Aqua - Three Aus - mix these. These are four units. Giving four doses daily gives relief in almost all the stages of measles.


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